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The two week project trip to Madagascar was exciting and educating

Anna Ikonen, a master’s student in Development Studies at the University of Helsinki, volunteered with the Finnish Association for Nature Conservation and Association Mitsinjo for 1,5 months in 2015. She participated in the project’s monitoring trip, collected data for her Master’s Thesis and assisted Mitsinjo’s work in Andasibe. I did not really know what to […]

Creating a forest map is not a walk in the park

It is a long and hard hike in the rainforest, full of bamboo thickets, slippery slopes and paths that are difficult to find. But finding the right path is eventually really rewarding, especially if the outcome proves itself useful for a wide range of conservation actors. After three years of field work in some of […]

Strengthening partnership through South-North volunteering

My name is Youssouf. I’m from Andasibe, a village situated in eastern Madagascar, 140 km away from the capital Antananarivo. I’m the vice president of a small non-governmental organisation called Mitsinjo. Mitsonjo works with local people around Andasibe. Our mission is to integrate biodiversity conservation with rural development. I work in our forest restoration project […]

Documentary film opens up a window to Madagascar

A short documentary (a bit below 20 minutes) presenting the project is finally published! The film Coordinates of Deforestation explores the restoration and mapping work of Association Mitsinjo while presenting the amazing wildlife of Madagascar. The film was shot almost entirely in and around Andasibe area. The whole project crew would like to thank firstly […]

Finland’s development forest policy was updated – the direction is right

The Finnish Ministry for Foreign Affairs published its new Forest Policy that aims at taking into better consideration the rights of local people. In terms of coherence in development policy, this is a step to the right direction. It was about time to renew the former policy paper from 2009 to correspond the principles of […]

Professor Hanski hopes Manondroala to become a milestone in the conservation history of Madagascar

Project Manondroala got a renowned supporter this summer, when academy professor Ilkka Hanski became its patron. Hanski is well-known especially for his groundbreaking research among glanville fritillary butterflies on Åland islands, but he and his research group have also worked in a great extent in Madagascar. There they have immersed themselves in the evolutionary history […]

An unforgettable night out in the cloudforests of Madagascar

The cloudforests of the Ranomafana National Park in Eastern Madagascar are pitch black, and the warm drizzle is slowly soaking us. But evolutionary biologist Tuomas Aivelo from Helsinki University and his colleagues Herman Rafalinirina and Victor Rasendry stride boldly up a steep, narrow path. These unspoilt natural forests lie in a uniquely diverse area whose […]

Rôla Gamana’s music has a soul of its own

Manondroala’s new project video had its premiere in Madagascar Club! in Cultural Centre Caisa, Helsinki, last Friday. The music on the video is composed and played by Malagasy artist, Rôla Gamana, who creates his own instruments, talks about his music like it had its own personality and unconventionally combines different musical genres and arts. During […]

Recycling at its best!

Manondroala mapping project makes great progress with small resources. This spring’s donated equipment found their new homes in mapping teams. Finnish Association for Nature Conservation collected several equipment from private donators for Manondroala’s forest conservation project in Madagascar. Especially digital cameras, backpacks, tents and other trekking equipment were needed to be brought to the teams […]

Aidbrella spreading over Finnish development organizations

Last week I was invited to join Titta in a meeting in Kepa to discuss about Aidbrella, a new “facebook” for developmental NGOs. Knowing well the good and the bad sides of social media, I was interested to hear more. Thursday afternoon, representatives of a dozen Finnish NGOs, working in the developmental field, gathered together […]