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Empowering Rural Women by Promoting Traditional Knowledge on Sustainable Utilization of Plant Materials, Madagascar

Menalamba Torotorofotsy women, like almost all rural women, have inherited the incredible traditional knowledge of elders on handcraft. Usually, handcraft products are not for sale but for daily use. The few that are sold are for the local markets and sold at derisive price. Producing handcraft which are not in fashion doesn’t generate attractive added […]

The rising of Rural Menalamba Women for the Conservation of their Wetland

Menalamba is a malagasy word meaning red clothes or red shawls. Menalamba is the name of a group of small villages (fokontany) located in the North West of Andasibe, District of Moramanga, Region of Alaotra Mangoro, Madagascar. Torotorofotsy Wetland, the 4th Ramsar site of Madagascar is located in Menalamba village (Coordinates: 18° 53´06.32”S, 48° 22´11.51”E). It is […]

Finland’s development forest policy was updated – the direction is right

The Finnish Ministry for Foreign Affairs published its new Forest Policy that aims at taking into better consideration the rights of local people. In terms of coherence in development policy, this is a step to the right direction. It was about time to renew the former policy paper from 2009 to correspond the principles of […]