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Golden Mantellas are finally here!

Helsinki got new exotic residents in July, when five tiny, bright orange hoppers moved to Korkeasaari Zoo. The Finnish Association for Nature Conservation (FANC) has been cooperating with Korkeasaari Zoo since 2016 to save the critically endagered Golden Mantella, endemic to Madagascar, from extinction. Now the species can be seen for the first time also […]

World Village Festival

World Village festival was organized in Helsinki, Finland on 27-28 May 2017. Every year in May the festival gathers artists, various ethnic street food stalls, global and local organizations, politicians and a lot of visitors together to enjoy the multicultural atmosphere in Helsinki. The festival promotes sustainable development and multiculturalism. Also the Finnish Association for […]

Focus on Torotorofotsy – why the need for action is urgent

Wetlands all over the world offer different kinds of precious ecosystem services for individuals and societies and are among the most productive ecosystems that exist. One of them, a wetland called Torotorofotsy is located in the north-east part of Madagascar. Together with the local Association Mitsinjo, The Finnish Association for Nature Conservation is trying to […]

Menalamba Women – already one year of women power and unique handicrafts

Last Saturday a big group of people gathered together in Andasibe to celebrate the one year anniversary of the Association of Women for Handicraft Menalamba Torotorofotsy. Among the guests were the Mayor of Andasibe and representatives from Regional Office for Tourism of Alaotra Mangoro, National Environmental Associations ANAE and Asity, Gendarmerie and Regional Service for […]

Forest mapping through the eyes of a wildlife photographer

I had the opportunity to join one of our expeditions to the north part of Madagascar last April as a board member of FANC, and also as a passionate wildlife photographer. My trip started in Andasibe, where most of the magic happens with our local partners working with the reforestation and education projects. Moreover, Andasibe […]

Little hopper of the wetland

When talking about Madagascar, pictures are most often full of ring-tailed lemurs: big-eyed, black and white furry creatures also starring in the well-known kids’ animated movies from a few years back. However, Madagascar is more than that. As a matter of fact, there are about a hundred different species of lemurs alone living on the […]

Project dry toilet: towards safe and sustainable sanitation in Madagascar

According to Guardian, Madagascar belongs to the top 5 list of the worst places in the world to find a toilet. Sanitation – or the lack thereof – is a problem. Over 50 % of the country’s population lack access to safe water, and many have to opt for open defecation. As a result, diarrhoea […]

Project dry toilet: the arrival of the volunteer

I arrived to the capital of Madagascar, Antananarivo (nicknamed Tana, or in French: Tananarive), on a Tuesday, in the middle of May. I flew with Turkish Airlines, and it was my first flight outside of Europe as well as the longest one: almost 19 hours with one change of planes! The purpose of my stay […]

The project blog finally opened!

It’s already the end of October. The first year of Project Manondroala (a Malagasy word meaning “to show the forest”, as well as the common name for an endemic, endangered species of lowland rainforest tree) has gone fast, and we’re a bit more than two months to go. This blog has been ‘coming up’ for […]