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Professor Hanski hopes Manondroala to become a milestone in the conservation history of Madagascar

Project Manondroala got a renowned supporter this summer, when academy professor Ilkka Hanski became its patron. Hanski is well-known especially for his groundbreaking research among glanville fritillary butterflies on Ă…land islands, but he and his research group have also worked in a great extent in Madagascar. There they have immersed themselves in the evolutionary history […]

An unforgettable night out in the cloudforests of Madagascar

The cloudforests of the Ranomafana National Park in Eastern Madagascar are pitch black, and the warm drizzle is slowly soaking us. But evolutionary biologist Tuomas Aivelo from Helsinki University and his colleagues Herman Rafalinirina and Victor Rasendry stride boldly up a steep, narrow path. These unspoilt natural forests lie in a uniquely diverse area whose […]

Introducing students to forest mapping

The annual field course on tropical ecology by the University of Helsinki, named RESPECT, was again organized a few weeks ago in Centre ValBio research station (CVB) in Ranomafana, some ten hour drive South-East from the capital Antananarivo. A total of 12 Finnish and Malagasy biology students carried out three-week long studies on dung beetles, […]